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Unicorn Umbilicus

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One-Way Drain Valve for Oil Pan/Transmission/Differential

This one-way drain valve saves the threads of the oil pan from damage due to repeated over torquing of the OEM drain plug. The Unicorn Umbilicus replaces the OEM drain plug permanently, saving the threads on the oil pan by eliminating the need to remove the plug. To drain the oil, just insert the tubing attachment which is included in the kit and your oil will begin draining without ever having to remove the drain plug again. With a silicone tubing to drain the oil, you can easily direct the draining oil directly into containers. The Unicorn Umbilicus will replace any BMW oil drain plug size M12 x 1.5.

The Umbilicus is also available in sizes to fit the threads of the transmission and differential filler holes. Select your option in the menu.

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