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E39 M5/540i Front Roll Control Brackets

For those wanting to tighten up the front end body roll on the E39 M5/540 and prefer to not resort to purchasing an upgraded front sway bar and go through the gruesome install process that includes lowering the subframe and removing the complete steering linkage, this is a great solution. Adding these front roll control brackets to the ends of the stock front sway bar relocates the endlinks' position a little higher increasing the spring rate of the sway bar, effectively reducing body roll. The brackets feature 2 adjustment holes in each bracket side which provides 3 different settings: firm, sport and track settings. Installation will be 30 minutes or less. Will require grinding the small bumps on the end of the swaybars, smoothing the surface so the main bracket will slide into place and line up with the hole,

Note: Use only with upgraded rear swaybar!!

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