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Unicorn Mid Section Exhaust - E6x M5/M6

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This system replaces the factory section 1 (secondary catalytic converters) and the factory section 2 H-pipe with integrated resonator. Fully constructed in T-304 stainless steel, full mandrel bends, TIG-welded and back purged for the smoothest, unrestricted flow of the exhaust into the rear mufflers.

The Unicorn Section 1 pipes replace the factory secondary catalytic converters. Diameter of the inlets up to the integrated 18" long resonators are a generous 3" OD. The addition of the two resonators add a deeper and cleaner amplification of the mufflers' intended sound. After the resonators, the diameter reduces down to 2.5" where it slips into the inlets of the X-pipe. Heavy duty band clamps are included to secure the slip joint between to 2 sections to eliminate any potential exhaust leaks.

The Unicorn X-pipe replaces the factory H-pipe and resonator and uses factory mounting points to secure X-pipe. Features a splayed X-pipe for optimal smoothness of exhaust cross-flow by balancing the exhaust pulses from each bank. The X-pipe has 2.5" outlet that connects to any aftermarket or stock mufflers.

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