E39 M5 S62 Plenum Plate Set v2.0

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v2.0 Update: the throttle body holes have been re-designed to facilitate the entire removal and reinstallation of the bottom plenum portion without removing any of the 33 10mm bolts.


A must need for any F/I S62 build. Get rid of the factory leaky rubber gaskets with these billet aluminum plates to seal your boosted air from the plenum to the throttle bodies. Featuring high temperature silicone gaskets, the sealing repeatability is also massively improved over rubber material.

Can also be utilized in any N/A setup as they do not affect any overall dimensions nor the height of the S62's plenum. They will just make removing and installing a breeze!

1x Left plenum plate
1x Right plenum plate
1x Left gasket
1x Right gasket
8x TB gaskets

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