E39 M5 Dual Electric Fan Shroud **PRE-ORDER**

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PRE-ORDER: 8-10 week lead time

This current lead time will cover a finalized prototype to ensure 100% function and fitment before making the production and shipping out orders!


Here’s a solution for a plug and play kit to convert to electric fans on your E39 M5. We have assembled this entire kit with various materials and parts like 5052 aluminum sheet metal, silicone rubber, PETG plastics, and stainless steel nut inserts. This solution will save you all the time and effort of fitment and fabrication to convert your cooling system from a mechanical fan to dual 12” electric fans.

Our shroud has been carefully and redundantly designed to fit a variety of SPAL fans to fit your exact needs. You can choose to go with low/medium profile fans for normal duty setups or extra clearance. You can also go with high profile or brushless fans for heavy duty setups, be sure to make the correct selections.

Note: this product is for the shroud assembly only! No fans, reservoirs or anything extra in the photos are included. All parts in this kit are listed below. Use the information provided to purchase your own fans for your personal setup.

If you select option "Both", please note which fan will be the high profile fan. (Left or right if you are looking at the first image as reference)

Any early cancellations will incur a 20% restocking fee!

Listed below is what’s included in the kit and the choices of fans you can fit.

# Part Spec Qty # Part Spec Qty
1 Fan Shroud Cover 1 12 Drain Hose Bracket Bottom 1
2 Fan Shroud 1 13 AUC Sensor Bracket 1
3 Spal Speed Flaps 30130012 13 14 SHR Fan Shroud T-nut** Left - 17.02mm 1
4 Drain Hose 1 15 SHR Fan Shroud T-nut** Right - 19.8mm 1
5 Face Divider 1.33m 1 16 Flanged Screw M6x12 2
6 Face Seal 1.3m 1 17 Socket Head Screw M6x20 4
7 Deutsch Connectors DTP 2 18 Lock Nut M6 4
8 Res. Bracket Top Left* 1 19 Shroud Spacer 6mm* 4
9 Res. Bracket Top Right* 1 20 Socket Head Screw M5x10 8
10 Res. Bracket Bottom* 1 21 Button Head Screw M6x12* 8
11 Drain Hose Bracket Top 1 22 Set Screw M6x5 8

*will change based on profile selection
**will change based on radiator selection


12” SPAL Puller Fans - Brushed 

Type Qty Profile Blade Max CFM Retail Part No.
VA10-AP9/C-25A 2 Low Straight 867 30100375
VA10-AP10/C-61A 2 Low Curved 909 30100467
VA10-AP50/C-25A 2 Med Straight 1097 30101504
VA10-AP50/C-61A** 2 Med Curved 1226 30101522
VA10-AP70/LL-61A 2 High Curved 1451 30102029

**recommended for most setups. N/A and F/I (if piping permits clearance)


12” SPAL Puller Fans - Brushless

Type Qty Profile Blade Max CFM Retail Part No.
VA90-ABL320P/N-94A 2 High Straight 30107087
VA113-ABL511P/R/A/N-94A 2 High Straight



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