BMW MSS52 DME Tuning

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Remote service for simple DME tuning/tweaking. You will need:

K+CAN USB cable
Internet connection
Windows PC w/ TeamViewer installed

Dyno Rev Limit Delete: Removing any restrictions on the engine's RPM while it's on a dynamometer (dyno), a device used for measuring a vehicle's power output. It's important for tuning and testing purposes.

EWS Delete: EWS stands for "Electronic Immobilizer System." Deleting EWS usually refers to bypassing or removing this system, which can be useful in engine swaps where the EWS might interfere.

Rev Limit Increase: The rev limiter sets the maximum RPM (revolutions per minute) at which the engine is allowed to operate. Increasing the rev limit can allow the engine to produce more power but may also require other modifications to ensure reliability and safety.

SAP Delete: SAP stands for "Secondary Air Pump." This is an emissions control component. 

Sport Button Memory: Makes the sport button remember the selected setting prior to shutting off the car.

Top Speed De-limiter: Remove the factory-imposed top speed limiter.

540i Transmission Conversion: If replacing your transmission with a 540i one, there are some differences in the cruise control information

The mentioned modifications are intended for off-road use only. It's crucial to understand that modifying your vehicle in the ways described may have legal, warranty, or safety implications, and may not comply with local laws and regulations. Always research thoroughly and consult with professionals who specialize in automotive modifications before making any changes to your vehicle. Additionally, ensure that any modifications you undertake comply with local laws and regulations regarding vehicle modifications, emissions, and safety standards. We are not liable for any damages, legal issues, or consequences resulting from the implementation of these modifications.

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